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About Us

I read first book of Vedic Astrology in 1970, it was BRIHAT PARASHAR HORASHSTRA. At the same time I also studied Cheerio's book of numerology and palmistry. Since then I studied several books of Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Western astrology and Palmistry. In year 2006 I did M. A. in Jyotirvigyan (Astrology) from Lucknow University, UP, India. During this period I also got opportunity to study Chinese Astrology. I also have interest in studying the Nostradamus book of prophecies. I take Astrology as a science and with help of this site I want to share my views and knowledge with you.

Astrology is calculation of TIME; what is TIME? It is three motion/ movement of Earth which create/form second, minute, hour, day, night, month, and years etc. Relative movement of Earth and Moon create all fourteen dates of bright and dark fortnight, new Moon and full Moon. Movement of other planets of our solar system is also taken in account. A Planet perihelion, aphelion, perigee, apogee, retrograde etc position and its different conjunctions and aspects with sun, moon and other planets, all such phenomena and relationships of planets affect events of our life. From very ancient time our renowned astrologers like Maharishi Vashist, Satyacharya, Parashar, Varahmihir, Jaimini, Bhaskaracharya etc did a lot of research work on this subject.

For preparing horoscope of a person three information is required; 1. Time of birth, 2. Date, month and year of birth, of birth (longitude and latitude of birth place). Often birth time of Person seeking astrological assistance is not correctly noted , or exact time of birth is not known to him, he says it was time between 9 to 10 am when I was born. In such cases rectification of birth time is required. This is done by asking some information like no of brother and sister, date of marriage of person, major incidents in life etc from that person. Sometimes time of birth is not available at all, only date, month and year of birth is available. Then numerology can help. If an individual ask about a particular problem and desire solution, I can suggest to the individual on the basis of time, date, month, year and place of question asked. If you don’t have any birth details you can be helped with palmistry.

  • Can any astrological remedy change the course of events? Yes, to some extent, but only when the correct remedy and other proper suggestions are applied.
  • I have successfully guided various persons of different fields with help of Astrology, Numerology, and Palmistry.
  • I continuously do research work in Astrology for discovering new methods for giving accurate suggestions.
  • At last I also admit that except GOD BRAMHA (GOD OF CREATURE) nobody can tell exactly what exactly is going to happen. I have firm believe in GOD.