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In Indian society caste and sub caste have its deep root since very old times. The Gotra is considered to be sub caste of a person. Marriage in other caste; and in same gotra in own caste has not been in tradition in our society since thousands of years but our changing new generation is not convinced with this old tradition, they are rebelling and are marrying in same caste and same gotra ,or in other caste. In consequences many of the couples who married in other caste; or in same gotra in own caste have been killed by their family members or by khap panchayats of their caste. Marriage in same gotra in own caste and inter caste marriages is now a burning issue. Different khap panchayats are demanding change in Hindu marriage act to stop marriage in same caste and same gotra. Such marriages are termed as ‘sagotriya vivah’ (marriage in same gotra) It is believed that if couple is from same gotra, (with in caste) their children would be mentally weak or dwarf, may be physically weak, or handicapped, or short lived. It is also believed that members of same caste and same gotra are sisters and brothers, so marriage between them is not socially acceptable. Inter caste marriage is also not acceptable in our society because of the belief that marriage within caste save purity of blood. The root of this belief lies in division of our society based on caste and sub caste system. Because the different khap panchayats are opposing marriage in same gotra within caste and demanding change in Hindu marriage act, every one is asking is there any logic or any science behind the belief that marriages in same gotra will create problem in progeny? Why boy and girl of same gotra(in same caste) are considered brother and sister? What does sagotriya Vivah (marriage in same gotra) actually means? In India from ancient times our daily routine life was, and still, guided by two important sciences; 1.Ayurved 2.Astrology.Ayurved is medical science, it deals with daily diet, healthcare and cure of diseases while Astrology guide/controlled our all sanskars right from birth to death. Astrology classifies human body constitution and nature on the basis of 12 sign and 27 nakshatra of zodiac. Astrology tells us that Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra is a quality and nature of a human but unscientific and misinterpretation of above astrological classification of human body and nature have developed present caste and gotra dominated complicated and defective weak society. Our society is divided in caste and sub caste DUE TO THIS MISINTERPRETATION. You may ask a question that how Gotra is related to Astrology? Yes it is related. Horajatak, a branch of Hindu (Vedic) astrology which deals with birth, life and death of a human, tell us that in every human all the above four qualities/ nature, i.e.1. Brahman, 2.Kshatriya, 3. Vaishya and 4.Shudra is inherited from NATURE OR DIVINE since birth. An infant is considered to be a shudra.It is education and sanskars develop all four qualities in him. One of the above qualities dominates his nature depending upon quality of sanskars and education provided to him. It is changeable in the life also. To know this subject we have to discuss nature of 12 Sign and 27 Nakshatra in which Zodiac is divided by our ancient Astrologers. I will elaborate it in detail very shortly. Date 19-12-2011,, Lucknow.