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astrology and Homeopathy

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                AND HOMOEOPATHY






































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 CHAPTER- 1 - MEDICAL ASTROLOGY                                         3, 4




               HUMAN BODY -


                          a- HUMAN BODY AND SIGNS

                          b- HUMAN BODY AND PLANETS

                           c- HUMAN BODY AND HOUSES 

                           d- HUMOUR AND PLANETS & SIGNS

                           e- CLASSIFICATION OF HUMAN BODY

                                IN REFERANCE TO KP SYSTEM.


  CHAPTER-3 – ASTROLOGY AND DISEASES                              14 to 28


                                  a- KIND OE DISEASE

                                  b- CAUSE OF DISEASE

                                  c- LOCATION OF DISEASE

                                  d- DAGNOSIS OF DISEASE 

                                  e- CURE OF DISEASE



 CHAPTER-4 - DISEASE AND HOMOEOPATHY                            29, 30







                            AND HOMOEOPATHY IN CURING





                          AND HOMOEOPATHY



 CHAPTER-7 – CASES                                                                          35 to 37


                                                              REFERANCE                            38,39

                                CHAPTER - 1 


                          MEDICAL ASTOLOGY


HORA Astrology apart from other things also deals with constitution of our body and its health. We may call it as MEDICAL ASTROLOGY. It is a science that demands a union of knowledge of Astrology, Physiology and Anatomy of Human body and Medicine. According to astrology planets and the Constellations affect the constitution, functions and the health of a person. A planetary configuration releases certain energies. When these energies are not in harmony with the energies of an individual, they bring problems in the normal functioning of body. The five elements Ether, Fire, Air, Earth and Water form the substratum of the zodiacal signs. Hence astrologers assigned every thing in the universal order to a planetary ruler and twelve signs of the Zodiac are correlated to the different parts of human body.


In ancient times medical practitioners in India used to be astrologers.Ayurved, a Vedang, was our pathy for treatment of diseases. Astrology was the essential part

for study of Ayurved. Different planetary conditions helped Ayurved chikitsak in analysing the nature, site and duration of disease. According to Ayurved three type of nadi runs in human body: - 1- Pitt nadi 2- Vat nadi and 3- Kaph nadi.  Two types of diseases are recognised: 1- Karmaj, 2- Doshaj. Disease which is due to disequilibrium of three dosh: a-vat (wind)b- pit (bile) c-kaph(phlegm) is termed as Doshaj disease while diseases caused due to bad deeds(pap karma) of previous births is Karmaj disease.Doshaj disease is curable by medicines while karmaj diseases are not amendable to medical treatment. They can be cured by Jap, tap, hom, daan etc as stated in Prasna Marg, chapter 13 slok 29, which reads as under:


              ‘janmantar kritam papam  byadhi  rupen  jayate

               Tachantiraushadhey darneyarjapa homarchnadibhih’


Homoeopathy reveals that in constitution of human body three miasm plays important role. They are 1- psoriasis, 2- syphilis, and 3- sycosis. For sound health

 a balance should be maintained. When these miasm are unchecked health trouble starts in the body. It is only vital energy, if employed properly in the form of homoeopathy medicines that can check their balance. All diseases, especially chronic in nature, are associated with more than one miasm and their management takes a long time and some times become incurable.


Biochemical system, which also works on the principle of Homoeopathy, says that human body is constituted of mainly twelve salts. Each has its own job to do and is vital to our well being. Each salt is assigned a Zodiacal sign. According to sun sign of a person, and after scrutinising thoroughly his horoscope, he can be treated by giving him selected salt.

What are the similarities between astrology and homoeopathy in diagnosis and treatment of diseases is subject and aim of our short discussion. Actually both Astrological and Homoeopathic remedies works on the mental and physical

symptoms developed in the body due to disturbances of vat/ pit/ kaph dosh or imbalance of psoric/ sycotic/ syphilitic miasm.


              On all above points and factors we will discuss in concerning chapters

in details.







































                                         CHAPTER -2







Varahamihir, noted Indian Astrologer of sixth century AD, divide body of KALPURUSH in 12 parts in his famous book BRIHAJJATAKAM. Slok 4 of chapter (1) reads as under:


          ‘Kalangani          varangamananpuro       hritkrodvasobhrito’

             Vastibyarjjinbhurujanuygale  janghe        tatoangdhridayam’                    

             Mesharischaprathama navarchacharanaschakristhita rashayo’          

            Rashichetragrihrchabhani  bhawanam      chaikarthsampratyayah:’





Thus different parts of the body to different signs assigned are as follows:

  Aries – head; Taurus – face; Gemini – chest; Cancer – heart; Leo – belly; Virgo – waist; Libra – lower belly (the part of the abdomen below the navel and above the sexual organs);Scorpio – sexual organs; Sagittarius – thighs; Capricorn – knees; Aquarius – buttocks; and Pisces – feet.



 Maharsi Parasar, father of Indian Astrology in his famous book ‘Brihat Parasar Horashastra’ also divide in the same manner in chapter 4, slok 4.



          ‘Sheershananao tatha bahuhritkrodakatibastayah:

           Guhayorujanuyugame vai yugale janghake tatha

          Charano dwao tatha lagnajjgeya sheershadayah: kramat.’




Left and Right Halves


     Varahamihir also classifies the various parts of the body, depending upon the rising Drekanna in chapter Janmavidhinarmadhyay. In slok 24 he classify in the manner if one is born in the first Drekanna, it indicates the area between the head and neck, the 2nd Drekanna between the neck and navel and the 3rd Drekanna shows the area below the navel.


      Slok is as under;-


      ‘Kandriqchotranasakpolhanavo  vaqtram  cha  horadayaste

       Kanthansakbahupasharvahridayakrodani         nabhiastatah:

       Vasti  shishnagude  tatarshcha  vrishanaburu   tato   januni

      Janghaangadhreetyubhyatra vamamuditeyardreshkan bhageystridha’



According to it the distribution is as under given chart;-



1st Drekanna

2nd Drekanna

3rd Drekanna

















5, 9













Kalayan Verma in his book SARAVALI in chapter 4 (gungunadhyay), slok 4 &5, also divide body depending upon rising Drekanna almost in same manner.






Mantreshwar in his book Phaldipika in chapter grahbhedadhyay: slok ,8,to 14 described function of planets in human body. The division is as follows:-


Sun: - It controls bile, bones, hair and eyes. It also controls will power.

Moon: - It controls wind (vat) and phlegm (kaph), blood, eyes and fat.

Mars:-It controls bile, bone marrow, body constitution and power to fight (with diseases).

Mercury: It controls bile (Pitt), wind (vat) and phlegm (kaph), nerves, skin,

memory, voice and function of brain.

Jupiter: - It controls phlegm (kaph), fat (flesh), constitution of body, ears and brain.

Venus: - It controls wind (vat) phlegm (kaph), genitals and eyes.

Saturn:-It controls wind (vat), nervous system, nails, teeth and skin.



According to old and modern concepts different planets control different parts of the body as follows:


Sun: Right eye, thyroid, cranium, heart, spine, solar plexus.

Moon: Bronchial system, chest, and lymphatic, breast, left eye, uterus, ovaries.

Mars: Genitals (male), bone marrow, head, brain, upper arms, haemoglobin.

Mercury: Organs of speech, lungs, nose, throat, upper abdomen, intestinal system, parathyroid, arteries

Jupiter: Liver, hip, ears, spleen, thighs, pancreas, gall bladder, lower abdomen.

Venus: Kidney & urinary tract, eye sight, glands in general, face, reproductive and sexual organs.

Saturn: Knees, legs, teeth, joints, ligaments, hair, rectum.

Rahu: Feet, act of breathing, spine, skin diseases, mental diseases, eye sight.

Ketu: Abdomen and all ailments which is related to poisoning.


Body tissues of planets:-


 Apart from above planets also bears tissue lords ship. The seven planets correspond to seven gross tissue elements {the dhatus} and the physical system. Brihat Parasarhorashstra in slok 32 of chapter3

Grahagunswarupadhyay divide tissue lordship of each Planet.


Slok is as under:-


            ‘Asthi raktastatha majjatwaga vasa veeryamewa cha

             Snayureshamdheeshascha kramat suryadayo dwija!’




Thus slok divide tissues as such:-

Sun:          bones

Moon:       blood, other fluid tissues.

Mars:        muscles, marrow

Mercury:  skin

Jupiter:      fat or adipose tissues

Venus:       semen

Saturn:       nerves






 All above referred books and UTTARKALAMRIT (author KALIDASH) assigned each houses to rule certain regions of the body. Chapter 5 (karak khand) of UTTARKALAMRIT deals with significations of planets and houses.From slok 1 to 22 of this chapter gives detail signification of houses.



a) 1st house: The body as a whole; locally the head, brain; generally the hair & skin

b) 2nd house: Face, eyes, teeth, tongue, oral cavity, nose, throat

c) 3rd house: Ears, neck, larynx, shoulders, upper limbs, hands, trachea

d) 4th house: Chest & lungs, oesophagus or food pipe

e) 5th house: Heart, region of solar plexus or epigastria which has the stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, duodenum

f) 6th house: Intestines, kidneys, suprarenal

g) 7th house: Urethras, uterus, rectum, bladder, ovaries, prostate, fallopian tube, inguinal region urinary tract and loss of memory

h) 8th house: External genitalia, anus,.

i) 9th house: Hips, thighs and purity of mind

j) 10th house: Thighs,Knees,self controls and medicines.

k) 11th house: knees,Legs shanks & also ears

l) 12th house: Feet, left eye, mental worries, disturbed sleep, mental imbalance,physical ailments.




House        Physical Organ

House           Physical Organ

1                     Head

2                     Face

3                     Throat

4                     Heart

5                     Place Beneath heart   

6                     Stomach 


7                       Generative Organ

8                       Upper thigh

9                       Thigh

10                     Knee

11                     Calf

12                     Feet






                         Ayurved, a Vedang, defines the body constitution in terms of three humours 1-Vat-This denotes the windy constitution, 2-Pitt-This denotes the bilious constitution, and 3-Kaph-This denotes the phlegmatic constitution. In this reference following classification is described for planets and signs by most astrologers also:-

      Typical characteristics of the above three humour is under:-


    A Vat type person is generally slim, has difficulty in concentrating, feels the cold and wants to be quickly satisfied in his needs. He eats quickly, eats at irregular hours and chews his food too much.


     A Pitt type has a well build body, very active and is hot tempered. He is  always in hurry that he can not spare time even for his meals.


    A Kaph type is slow, calm and often corpulent. He is thoughtful, eats a lot and enjoys his food. His body and chronic diseases lives together for a long time.

       1- PLANETS:

           In chapter 3(Grahagunswarupadhyay) of BRIHAT PARASHAR HORASHASTRA from slok 24 to 31 every planet is assigned a particular humour. The distribution is as under:



      Sun-           Pitt

      Moon –      Vat and Kaph

Mars-        Pitt

Mercury – Vat, Pitt and Kaph

Jupiter -     Kaph

Venus -       Kaph and Vat

Saturn –     Vat and kaph

Rahu -         Vat

 Ketu -          Vat




               In Slok 5 Chapter 4 (Rasiswarupadhaya) of BRIHAT PARASAR HORASHASTRA signs also represent a particular humour. Slok reads as under;-


‘Pittaniltridha twaiqyam shlesmikashchakriyaday:’



1-      Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – PITT (bilious)

      2-     Taurus Libra and Capricorn – VAT (windy)

      3 –    Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius - VAT, PITT and KAPH (Tridoshatmak)

4-     Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - KAPH (Phlegmatic) 






            Late Professor K. S. Krishnamurthy made detailed views of Astrology by giving importance to:

(1)   individual cusp

(2)   planets

(3)   Stellar lord-sub, sub-lord

(4)   Significations and ruling planets theory.

The twelve signs of the Zodiac commencing from Aries in general and from the ascendant in particular govern the twelve important organs of the human body. Planets in one sign will affect organs governed by that sign of the same elements or constitution. According to this system:

1-      All fiery sign control the vitality of a person,

2-      All earthy sign controls the bones and flesh,

3-      All watery sign control blood and its circulation,

4-      All airy signs control breath and breathing.

           In this system the 360 degrees of the Zodiac are divided into 249 subs and these subs and sub lords do play important role in pathogenic (disease producing) effects on body system.

              This system assigned different parts of human body to, a- all 12 house/ bhava, b- planets from Sun to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, c-27 constellations from Ashwini to Revati.


      According to KP Astrology signs, planets and houses are assigned to different parts of the human body as given below:-







Aries – It is first sign of Zodiac commences at the venereal equinox and extends up to 30 degrees. It is a moveable or cardinal sign, fiery and masculine, the ruler is Mars. Parts ruled by this sign are head, brain, nervous system, facial bones and pituitary glands.


Taurus – This sign is second house of the natural Zodiac which extends from 30 to 60 degrees. It is earthy, fixed, famine and semi fruitful. Venus is lord of this sign. Right eye, ears, throat, tongue, nose, thyroid, teeth, bones and flesh is ruled by this sign.


Gemini – It is third sign of Zodiac and commences from60 degrees to 90 degrees. This sign is a common, airy, and barren and masculine in nature. Mercury is ruler and parts of human body ruled by this sign are neck, collar bones, shoulder, hands, breathing system, oesophagus, upper ribs and bodily growth.


Cancer – Cancer is 4th sign of the natural Zodiac and it extends from 90 to 120 degrees.

It is a movable (cardinal), watery, feminine and very fruitful. Moon is lord of this sign.

Parts of the body ruled by this sign are breast, heart, stomach, lungs, chest, diaphragm, elbow and blood.


Leo – This sign is 5th of Zodiac and extend from 120 to 150 degrees. Sun is the ruler of the sign. It is a fixed, fiery, masculine and barer sign. Heart, liver, spleen, gall bladder, higher abdomen and back of the human body are controlled by this sign.


Virgo – It is 6th sign of the Zodiac ruled by Mercury. This sign is common, earthy masculine and barren in nature. Parts of the body assigned to it are lower abdomen, naval, bones, flesh, liver, mental capabilities, solar plexus and bowls. This sign extends from 150 to 180 degrees.



Libra – This is7th sign of the natural Zodiac and it extends from 180 to 210 degrees. Lord of this sign is Venus. It is movable, masculine, semi fruitful sign. Parts of the body controlled by it are prostrate glands and pineal glands, ovary, kidney, groins, semen, sex organs, lumber and vertebra.


 Scorpio – This is 8th sign of the natural Zodiac and it extends from 210 to270 degrees. It is fixed, watery, feminine and fruitful sign. The ruler is Mars and parts of the body assigned are urine, blood, bladder, pelvic bones, and scrotum and sex organs.



Sagittarius – It is 9th sign of the Zodiac and it extends from 240 to 270 degrees. Jupiter is lord of the sign. This sign is masculine, fiery and common. Parts of the body ruled by this sign are hips, thighs and limbs and arteries.


Capricorn – This sign extends from 270 to 300 degrees and ruled by Saturn. It is 10th sign of Zodiac and earthy, cardinal and fruitful in nature. Patella, spleen and knees of the body is controlled by this sign.


Aquarius – Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac ruled by Saturn. It extends from 300 to 330 degrees. It is a fixed, masculine, airy and barren sign. Parts of the body ruled by this sign are shanks, ankle, and distribution of fluid and breathing.


Pisces – It is 12th sign of the Zodiac and it extends from 330 to 360 degrees. Ruler of this sign is Jupiter. It is a common, watery feminine and fruitful sign. This sign rules over left eye, feet, blood and psychic faculty of body.





  SUN – It governs over stomach, bone system, right eye, heart, skin, belly, head and constitution of the body. It also rules over vital energy.


MOON- It controls mind (thought), left eye, chest, lungs, breast, circulatory system and water. It is to be noted here that human body is consists of 85 percent water.


MARS - It rules over sex organs, head, face, left ear, and sense of taste, bladder, nose, blood, bone marrow and the muscular system.


MERCURY – It controls mind (skills), chest, nerves, skin, navel, nose, spinal system, veins and gall bladder.



JUPITER - Jupiter governs fat, brain lungs, kidneys, ears liver, memory, tongue spleen, thighs and digestive system.


VENUS – It controls eye sight, generative system, throat, chin, cheeks, face, semen, urimalustre in body, throat, water in body and glands.


SATURN – Parts of the body controls by this planet are legs, muscles, limb, skin, hair growth, ears, pneumogastric nerve and excretory system.






 KP system assigned the following parts of human body to twelve houses of a birth chart.                     .


FIRST HOUSE –       Head


THIRD HOUSE –       Throat


FIFTH HOUSE –        Place beneath the heart

SIXTH HOUSE –        Stomach

SEVENTH HOUSE – Generative organ

EIGHT HOUSE   -       Upper thigh

NINTH HOUSE -         Thigh

TENTH HOUSE –         Knee


TWELVE HOUSE -      Feet
























a: - KIND OF DISEASE: - According to PRASNA MARG (chapter 12, slok 17 to 24) there are two types of diseases:-


                   1- Sahaj or Nij


                    2- Agantuk


1-      Sahaj 0r Nij is also of two type:-


                  a:- Sarirotta

                  b:- Chittotha

                   Both diseases  are known as mental diseases.

              a:- sarirotha diseases can be determined by considering the strength of the 8th house, its lord and the planet occupying or aspecting 8th house and 8th lord.


              b:- chittotha diseases are diagnosed by analysing  nature, strength    and relationship of the lords of 4th and 8th houses.


    2:- Agantuk:- Such type of diseases are also of two kinds:-


           a:- Drista Nimittaj:- This  kind  of diseases are  diagnosed  from analysing the 6th house, its lord, the planets occupying or aspecting 6th house and planets influencing 6th lord. If 8th lord is influencing 6th house or/ and 6th lord then the intensity of the disease will increase.


          b:- Adrista Nimittaja:- This type of disease is caused by Badhak planets.


b: -    CAUSE OF DISEASE: - PRASNA MARG(chapter 13 slok29, 30,31 and 32)states that in human body disease is caused due to pap karm (bad deeds) and it is reflected as a disease in body in following ways:-

      1-- Diseases due to disequilibrium in three doshas, 1-Vat(wind), 2-Pitt(bile) and 3-Kapha (phlegm). This is curable by medicines.


2-      Diseases caused by affliction of planets and houses.It are curable by medicines.

3-      Disease due to abhishap of devtas , rakshchas, which can be diagnosed by ill placement of badhak planets and subplanets (upgrahas),are not cured by medicine.These can be cured by jap, tap, daan and hom etc.



                According to SarvarthChintamani:


(1)   If the sun is in the 6th with a malefic planet & is also aspect by a malefic, then the native will suffer from wounds or boils in the navel region due to excessive heat.

(2)   If the Moon is in the 6th with a malefic & is also aspect by malefic & is in a malefic navamsa, then the native suffers from windy troubles.

(3)   If it be mars in such conditions, then the native suffers from heat and defective blood.

(4)   If Mercury is so situated in 6th, the native suffers from Phlegm & windy trouble.

(5)   If Jupiter is in the 6th, then there will be swollen areas in the body.

(6)   Venus similarly placed in the 6th; native will suffer from loose motions.

(7)   If Saturn is so situated, then the native will suffer from colic trouble. If it is Rahu or Ketu, then native will suffer trough some dead spirit.

(8)   If the Moon is so located with Mars, the native suffers from mental aberration & jaundice etc. If the Moon in the 6th is with Mars & the Sun, the native suffers from colic pain etc.

(9)   If Mars is in 6th With Mercury aspect by Venus & the Moon and Mars is in the Navamsa of a malefic planet, the native suffers from consumption.

(10)                       If the 6th is occupied by Saturn & Mars and is aspect by the Sun & Rahu & the lord of the Lagn is weak, the native suffers from chronic diseases.

(11)                       If the Saturn is the 6th house with Gulik & aspect by the Sun, Rahu & Mars & is neither in association with nor aspect by any benefic planet, then the native suffers from cough, asthma, consumption etc.

(12)                        If the Moon is in a watery sign in the 6th & the 6th lord is also located in a watery sign aspect by Mercury, the native suffers from urinal troubles.

(13)                       If the lord of the 6ht is weak in lagn or Mars is in the lagn, the native suffers from trouble in the head or in the face & suffers from colic paints.






            c- LOCATION OF DISEASE:-


               We can analyse the location of disease in human body, according to affliction of a particular sign, planet, constellation or/and house.


1-AFFLICTION OE SIGNS:- Lagn sign, Moon sign and sign of 6th and 8th houses and  humours controlled them is main deciding factor in diagnosing and cure of diseases. Humours 1- Pitt, 2- Vat, 3- Kaph are important keys of diagnosis of diseases. For each lagn (ascendant) ruler of 6th and 8th are given in the following chart:-     




Lagn Signs


6th Ruled By

8th Ruled By

















































P  = pitt,   K= kaph,     V= vat,      and  M= mix of all three, in above table




    6th and 8th from Moon should also be taken into account.























1. Sun



Disease from Pitt, fever with pains, Apasmara(Epilepsy), heart disease, diseases in stomach, disease in eyes, skin diseases, bone disease, leprosy, burns

2. Moon


Wind(vat), Phlegm(Kaph)

Increase in sleep, inertia(want agility in any work), increase in phlegm, asthma, inflammation of lungs, diarrhoea, sores &boils, shivering fever, dyspepsia, anaemia poisoning of blood; weakening in thinking faculty; jaundice

3, Mars



Thirst, blood pressure; pitt, fever, disease caused by heat, fire, poison; leprosy; sore eye; epilepsy; Decline of Majja in bones; itching all over body, spleen trouble

4, Mercury


Wind, Bile, Phlegm

Madness; Disease in the eye, nose & throat; high fever caused by all dosh; skin diseases

5. Jupiter


Wind, Phlegm

Gulm(disease in kidney); fever, fainting; ear diseases; diabetics

6. Venus


Wind, Phlegm

Pandu’s diseases in the eye; diseases in the private organs; diseases in urinary organs; free flow of seminal fluids (spermatorrhoea), swelling of body

7. Saturn


Wind, Bile

Diseases in the legs, laziness, madness; pains or aches in stomach; blindness, deafness; windy & phlegmatic diseases

8. Rahu



Extreme heat in the body, leprosy, vishvyadhi; poison; diseases in feet

9. Ketu



All diseases from Rahu & troubles from pretas

10. Gulik



Diseases of Rahu & Ketu



3- AFFLICTION OF HOUSES: - Ruler ship of the body areas according to    different houses is as under:-                                  


House        Physical Organ

House           Physical Organ

1                     Head

2                     Face

3                     Throat

4                     Heart

5                     Place Beneath heart   

6                     Stomach 


7                       Generative Organ

8                       Upper thigh

9                       Thigh

10                     Knee

11                     Calf

12                     Feet




                    Apart from the above ruler ship of the body areas, the individual houses additionally reflect the following characteristics that are of importance in diagnosis of disease:


a) 1st house: Physical built, Longevity, constant sickness, vitality and resistance to illness, freedom from disease and time of recovery from illness.

b) 2nd house: Childhood illness

c)  3rd house: Resistance power, vitality, strength and capacity to fight infections.

d)  4th house: Gloomy or positive outlooks, familial disease, emotional disturbances.

e)  5th housePositive/Negative thinking about cure and healing, pregnancy in a female.

f)   6th house:  Root cause of disease, difficulties, injuries, accidents, and sufferings.

g)  7th house:  Sexual disease

h)  8th house:  Chronic, lingering and incurable diseases, Death.

i)   9th house:  Spiritual treatment and type of nourishment.

j)  10th house: Vitality in general

k) 11th house:  Recovery from disease, will power to fight it,

l)   12th house: Hospitalisation, segregation and quarantine.      


    According to different humours the following body parts may have diseases as under mentioned chart:-







Brain Oedema

Thrombosis of Cerebral Vessels




Vocal cord palsy




Bronchial asthma

Bronchitis , Pneumonia


Ascites, obesity tumours

Chronic irritable bowel, gall stones

Appendicitis, Rupture of bowels



Berger’s disease, Raynaud’s disease








 KP System assigned various diseases to all stars in following divisions:-


(1)         ASWINI:  0 degree Aries to 13 deg 20 min (Mesh). The first constellation. The sign Aries is ruled by Mars & the constellation is governed by Ketu.

   Diseases: Injury in the head, congestion in the brain, thrombosis, cerebral anaemia, fainting, epilepsy, violence spasms, severe headache on any one side, neuralgia coma, trance cerebral haemorrhages, paralytic stroke, insomnia, malaria, meningitis, small-pox.


(2)         BHARANI: 13 deg 20 min Aries to 26 deg 40 min Aries (Mesh), the second star, sign ruled by Mars, Star governed by Venus.

   Diseases: Injury in the head, mostly in the forehead just around the eyes, cold venereal distemper, syphilis affecting face & vision, catarrh in the head, mucus, moist humours, reins afflicted, weakness due to gratifying one’s tastes & pleasurable emotions in dissipated habits.


(3)         (A) KARTIK 1st QUARTER: 26 deg 40 min Aries to 30 deg Aries Sign owned by Mars & the stars by Sun.

Diseases: Sharp fever, malaria, filarial, plague, small-pox, wounds, cerebral meningitis, brain fever, injury, cuts, explosions, carbuncle, fire accident.


(3) (B) KARTIK-2, 3 & 4th QUARTERS: 0 deg to 10 deg Taurus. Venus is the lord of the sign & sun is the governor of the star.

Diseases: Pimples, cuts, reddish eye, eyesore, throat trouble, tumours in the knees, quinsy, swelling above neck polypus of the nose.


(4) ROHINI: 10 deg Taurus to 23 deg 20 min. Sign ruled by Venus star governed by Moon.

Diseases: Sore throat, cold, cough, pain in the legs & feet, pain in the breast, goitre, apoplexy, regular menses, swelling.


(5) (A) MRIGASIRA First Half: 23 deg 20 min in Taurus to 30 deg Taurus ruled by Venus. Star governed by Mars.

 Diseases: Pimples, cuts & injuries in those parts, pain in the throat, adenoids, diphtheria, weak loins & king’s evil, nose bleed, goitre, constipation, venereal distemper, polypus.


(5) (B) MRIGASIRA Second Half: 0 deg to 6 deg 40 min Gemini sign owned by Mercury & star governed by Mars.

Diseases: Corrupted blood, itches, wounds, & fracture of arms, collarbone fracture, femur, sciatica, surfeit, fever, pains in the shoulders near collar bone & arms, disorders in secret parts, inflammation of pericardium.


(6) ARDRA 6th star 6 deg 40 min in Gemini to 20 deg. Lord of the sign Mercury. Lord of the star Rahu.

Diseases: Septic, throat, mumps, asthma, eosonophilia, dry cough, diphtheria, ear trouble, pus in the   ear.


(7) (A) PUNARVASU 1, 2, 3 PADAS: Gemini 20 deg to 30 deg sign ruled by Mercury. Star by Jupiter.

Diseases: Pleurisy, bronchitis, pneumonia, reins, disorder, pericardium inflammated, swelling & pain    in the ear, goitre due to iodine deficiency, infiltration in the upper lobe of the lungs, pulmonary  apoplexy.


(7) (B) PUNARVASU 4th QUARTER: In the sign cancer between 0 deg & 3 deg 20 min. Lord of the sign is Moon. Lord of the star Jupiter (Brihaspati).

Diseases: Dropsy, beriberi, stomach upset, irregular appetite, corrupt blood, tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, liver complaint, jaundice, dyspepsia, gourmandize.


(8) PUSHYA: Between 3deg 20 min & 16 deg 40 min in Cancer sign ruled by Moon & star governed by Saturn.

Diseases: Tuberculosis, ulcerations, in the respiration system gastric ulcer, gallstones, nausea, belching, obstruction, bruises in the breast, scurvy, cancer, phthisis, jaundice, cough, hiccough, eczema, pyorrhoea, dyspepsia.


(9) ASHLESHA 9th Star. 16 deg 40 min to 30 deg cancer, sign ruled by Moon & star by Mercury.

Diseases: Vitamin B deficiency, clod stomach, windiness, wind pressing the diaphragm making it difficult to breathe, distillation of rheum, pains in knees & legs, drunkenness, phlegm, flatulence, nephritis, hypochondria, hysteria, dropsy, jaundice, nervous, indigestion.


(10) MAKHA: 10th Star, 0 deg to 13 deg 20 min in Leo (Simh). Sign ruled by sun, star governed by Ketu.

Diseases: Heart affected by sudden shock, grief or poison, pains in the back, cholera, humours, gravel in kidneys, palpitation, regurgitation, fainting, spinal meningitis.


(11) POORVAPALGUNI: 11th star, 13 deg 20 min to 26 deg 40 min in Leo sign ruled by sun, star governed by Venus.

Diseases: Due to disappointment in love heart affected. Loss of children, affecting hearts, allude to shocks & irreparable loss. Curvature of the spine, anaemia hydraemia, pains in legs, swelling of ankle, blood pressure, aneurism, swelling of heart, valves affected.


(12) UTHRAPALGUNI 1-Quarter: 12th star. 26 deg 40 min to 30 deg in Leo. Sign ruled by sun & the star also governed by sun.

Diseases: Pains in the back & in the head, spotted fever, plague, hyperaemia, fainting, blood pressure, becomes temporarily mad due to clotting of blood in the capillaries in the brain, palpitation, backache.


(12) (B) UTHRAPALGUNI – 2nd, 3rd & 4th Padas. In Virgo 0 deg to 10 deg, 12th star, sign ruled by the mercury & star governed by sun.

Diseases: Tumours in the bowels, obstructions, stomach disorder, sore throat & swelling in neck.


(13) HASTA: In Virgo 10 deg to 23 deg 20 min. 13th star, sign ruled by mercury & star governed by Moon.

Diseases: Vitamin B, deficiency, gas formation, flatulence. Loose bowels, pain & disorder in the bowels, obstructions, arms & shoulders weak, short breath, worms, mucus, cholera diarrhoea, typhoid, amoebic, & bacillary dysentery, neuralgia (imagination), fear complex, hysteria.


(14) (A): CHITRA-FIRST HALF: Virgo 28 deg 20 min to 30 deg. Sign lord is Mercury. Star lord is Mars.

Diseases: Ulcers sharp & acute pains, choleric humours, worms irritation & itching, legs paining, dry-griping pain, wounds from insects, reptiles and animals.


(14)(B): CHITRA 3rd & 4th Padas. In Libra 0 deg to 6 deg 40 min. sign ruled by Venus & the star by Mars.

Diseases: Polyuria, inflammation of ureter connecting kidneys and bladder, bright’s diseases, lumbago, kidney trouble, excess of urine, haemorrhage of the kidneys, renal stones.                                                                                                    


(15) SWATI: 6degree 40 minutes to 20 degrees Libra sign ruled by Venus. Star by Rahu.

Diseases: Polyuria, urinary trouble, ureter ulcerated, pus formation, Bright’s disease, eczema, skin trouble, leprosy.


(16) (A) Visakha- 1, 2 and 3 PADAS: 20 TO 30 Degrees Libra. Sign ruler is Venus. Jupiter is star lord.       

Diseases: Deficiency of adrenal secretion, renal abscess, skin eruption, diabetes, kidney sluggish, insulin deficiency, congestion of brain, coma, vertigo.


  (16) (B) Visakha 4th pad: In Scorpio 0 to 3 degree 20 minutes. Sign ruled by Mars, star governed by Jupiter.

Diseases: diseases of womb, fibroid, tumour, prostrate enlargement, urinary trouble, abnormal bleeding during menses, renal stones, urethral abscess, dropsy, hydraemia, urates in excess, apoplexy, nose bleeding.   


  (17) ANURADHA: In Scorpio 3degree 20 minutes to 16 degree 40 degree. Sign ruled by Mars It is 17th star ruled by Saturn.

    Diseases: Suppression of menses, poor bleeding and severe pain, stricture, sterility, constipation, painful piles and not bleeding, nasal catarrh, phlegm, sore throat, fracture of hip bone.


(18)  JYESTA: In Scorpio 16 degree 40 minutes to 30 degree. Sign ruled by Mars. It is 18th star ruled by Mercury.

 Diseases: leucorrhoea, bleeding piles, fistula, tumour, and distemper in secrete parts, affliction of bowls, pain in arms and shoulders.


(19) MOOL: In Sagittarius 0 degree to 13degrre 20 minutes. Sign ruled by Jupiter. Star ruled by Ketu.

Diseases: Rheumatism, locomotor’s ataxia, lumbago, hip diseases, and pulmonary troubles. 


(20) POORVASHADHA: In Sagittarius 13th degree 20 minutes to 26 degree 40 minutes. Its sign

 Lord is Jupiter and star lord is Venus.

Diseases; Rheumatism, diabetes, sciatica, respiratory diseases, cancer in lungs, cold, moist humour, putrefaction of blood, swellings above the knees and hip gout.


(21)(A) UTTRASHADHA: 1st PAD. In Sagittarius 26 degree 40 minutes to 30 degree. Jupiter is sign lord and Sun is star lord.

Diseases:  Paralysis of limbs, sciatica, pulmonary diseases eyes disease.


(21) (B) UTTRASHADHA: 2ND, 3RD, & 4TH PAD: In Capricorn 0 degree to 10 degree. Sign

Ruled by Saturn and Star ruled by Sun.

Diseases: skin diseases, leprosy, eczema, gastric problem, indigestion, erysipelas, dull pain, rheumatism, palpitation of heart and cardiac thrombosis.


(22) SRAWAN: In Capricorn 10 degree to 23degree 20 minutes. Sign ruler is Saturn and star ruler is Moon.

Diseases: Rheumatism, tuberculosis, pleurisy, poor digestion, filaria, eczema, skin diseases, boils, leprosy, eczema and pus formation.


(23) (a) DHANISTHA: 1st and 2nd PAD. In Capricorn, 23 degrees to 30 degrees. Saturn is sign ruler and Mars rules star.

Diseases: Boils, eosonophilia, dry cough, hiccough, moveable gout, lameness, injury in legs and amputation.


(23) (b) DHANISTHA: 3rd and 4th PAD. In Aquarius, 0 degrees to 6 degrees 40 minutes. Saturn is sign ruler and Mars rules over star.

Diseases: Varicose veins, blood poisoning, heart failure, cardiac thrombosis, high blood pressure, fainting, over heated blood, palpitation and fracture of leg.


(24) SHATBHISHA: In Aquarius 6deg 40 min to 20 deg sign ruled by Saturn & star by Rahu.

Diseases: Rheumatism, Rheumatic heart, eczema, leprosy, palpitation, high blood pressure, fracture, amputation, lame.


(25) (a) POORVAPATHRAPADA-1, 2, 3 Qrs. In Aquarius 0 deg 30 deg. Sign ruled by Saturn. Star ruled by Jupiter.

Diseases: Apoplexy, irregularity of heart, dropsy, milk-leg, swollen ankles, palpitation, dilated heart, low blood-pressure. 


(25) (b) POORVAPATHRAPADA-IV Quarter: In Pieces 0 deg 3 deg 20 min. Sign ruled by Jupiter & star governed by Jupiter.

Diseases: Swelling, perspiring, feet, enlarged liver, abdominal tumour, intestines affected, hernia, Jaundice, spurs, corns.


(26) UTHRAPATHRAPADA: In Pisces 3deg 20 min to 16 deg 40 min. Sign ruled by Jupiter & star ruled by Saturn:

Diseases: Rheumatic pains, drop foot, indigestion, constipation, hernia, flatulence, fracture in the foot, cold foot, tuberculosis, dropsy.


(27) REVATI in Pisces 16 deg 40 min to 30 deg. Sign ruled by Jupiter & star governed by Mercury.

Diseases: Abdominal disorders, troubles, deformities of the feet, intestinal ulcers mostly due to drinks & drugs, gout in the feet, cramps, Nephritis, Lassitude, deafness, pus in the ear. 







  The general principles of diagnosis of disease are:-

   (a)  The 1st, 6th, 8th, and 12th, houses are the main houses of diseases.

Ascendant the 1st house: - This is rising sign at the time of birth and is an essential point from health point of view. The body traits (Pit, Vat, Kaph) & mental traits (Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas), physical capability, tolerance power, behavioural aspects can be studied from the natal chart. It helps in diagnosis of disease & for selection of drugs & medicine.


Sixth House: The 6th house is the house of sickness. The significator of 6th & lagn indicate the ailment. If the planet is in its own house or exaltation sign, it will not produce any chronic disease.


Twelfth House: It is an indirect house of sickness. Diseases which call for long hospitalisation are indicated by the 12th house.


Eighth House: It indicates fatal diseases that may cause death.


(b) All chronic & incurable diseases are caused by Saturn, Hershel & Neptune. These Planets are capable of creating a block (addition & deletion) in the DNA structure. Rahu & Mars produce acute diseases or diseases due to environmental factors. Jupiter, Venus & Mercury usually help in improving health but when they are aspected by malefic planets. They create some deficiency in the body’s defence system.


(c) If the 8th house is occupied by Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Hershel, or Neptune, irrespective of zodiacal sign, the native will suffer from diseases of prostate glands, anus (rectum), and generative system & in case of ladies, from irregularity of menses, diseases of uterus & ovaries.


(d) When the 1st, 6th or 12th house is occupied by malefic planets in evil Nakshatra (stars 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23 to 27) & aspected by other malefic planets also positioned in above Nakshatra, the native will suffer from chronic & incurable diseases. 







1:-cure by gems:-



       a- Astrological gem therapy- now a days gem most often used for prevention and cure of diseases. Gems of ascendant lord, 5th lord and 9th lord is supposed to be beneficial for all purposes though a minute and thorough calculation is to be done before prescribing some one. A detail chart is given here for each ascendant/ Moon sign (as a ascendant).




Moon sign

Gem of ascendant/

moon sign

Gem of 5th lord

Gem of 9th lord



Red Coral


Yellow Sapphire





 Blue Sapphire





Blue Sapphire




Red Coral

Yellow Sapphire




Yellow Sapphire

Red Coral




Blue Sapphire





Blue Sapphire




Red Coral

Yellow Sapphire




Yellow Sapphire

Red Coral




Blue Sapphire





Blue Sapphire





Yellow Sapphire


Red Coral











b- Ayurved gem therapy: - Ayurved also prescribe gem stones for specific disease. Here some list of disease and gems for cure of them are given below:-





   Gem stone


Gem stone




Emerald, ruby




Blue sapphire


Cat’s eye, lapis lazuli










Ruby, diamond

Pearl, lapis lazuli


Blue sapphire




Blue sapphire



Cat’s eye,


Blue sapphire


Cat’s eye


Topaz, coral




Diamond, topaz,

White coral, emerald






Jade, lapis lazuli



Coral, emerald




Blue sapphire


















2:-cure by mantras and worship:-



 Diseases due to bad deeds of past karma are not curable by medicines. Acharya SAYAN in his book KARM VIPAK gives detail list of diseases which are known as Karmaj diseases and their astrological remedies in following ways:-





Cause-sin committed in Previous


Remedial Measures

1. Consumption

Hated the preceptors or indulged in sexual enjoyment at the time of eclipses

Chanting of Rudra Sukta accompanied by Havan, giving clothes as gifts

2. Leprosy

Enjoying the life of preceptor; illicit sale of medicines

Chanting of Rudra Sukta & Ayusukta; giving the images or gold &performing Kusmanda Hom

3. Jaundice

Stealing the wealth of Deities & eating for forbidden food

Kusmanda Hom & gifting of gold

4. Dysentery

Destroying tanks & wells

Recitation of Rudra Sukta & Varun Sukta

5. Piles

Killing Cows; Having sex on prohibited days; Stealing food

Gifting of figure of cow made of gold

6. Eye Disease


Chanting Netra Raksha Sukta & performance of Homs; gifting of Garud figure

7. Ear Disease

Back- Biting

Chanting Surya Mantra; gifting land, gold, woollen clothes

8. Lingual Disease

Codling preceptors, elders, uttering falsehood

Kushamanda Hom; Gifting Grains, medicines etc

9. Rheumatism

Criticising pious & respectable people, hating parents

Reciting Vayu Sukta; giving in charity the image of deer made of copper along with clothes

10. Colic trouble

Abandoning the performance of essential rituals; having relation with virgins

Til Dana; gifting away a trident made of silver or gold

11. Spleen disease

Deep seated enmity with preceptor & ill treatment

Recitation of Rudra Sukta & Vayu Sukta, Gayatrimantra, gifting of image of ganpati

12. Diabetes

Illicit relation with prohibited women

Recitation of PrushSukta, Gayatrijapa; gifting of gold, cow & food

13. Urinary Disease

Physical Intimacy with unmarried women

Gifting gingelly seeds & lotus flowers

14. Fistula

Disregarding the advice of elders & preceptors, sex relations with the wife of preceptor

Recitation of Rudra Sukta, AdityaSukta, Gayatrimantra, gifting of image of elephant made of gold

15. Headache

Hatred towards Brahmins

Repentance; gifting of sacred threads

16. Epilepsy

Killing of preceptors & masters

Gifting of cow; jap.

17. Lunacy

Disrespect of elders

Gifting an image of elephant

18. Fevers

Intimidating others with the help of a dog

Recitation of Rudra Sukta Performance of Abhisheka of Vishnu & Shiva

19. Thirst

Intimacy with preceptor’s wife

Giving water to the thirsty

20. Ulcer

Stealing vegetables, maltreating others; immoral relationship with undesirable women causing abortions

Gifting pearls, jewels or precious ring

21. Childlessness

Killing children. Hating preceptors, eating eggs; non performance of annual Sraddha ceremony

Gifting a cow’s image made of gold

22. Dumbness


Gifting the image of Goddess Saraswati 

23. Intestinal trouble

Obstructing the performance of yagna

Gifting the image of Vishnu

24 Heart trouble

Intimacy with the wife of another person

Recitation of Vishnu Sahasraname KushmandaHom













                                      CHAPTER – 4






a:-Body constitution:-


                          Dr. Samuel Hahnemann developed this system of treatment of diseases, a German doctor in 1678 AD. According to homoeopathy constitution of human body plays an important role in the selection of remedies for treatment of diseases. Normally homeopathy divides human body in three constitutions or in other words in three miasm: - 1- syphilitic 2- sycotic 3-psoric.These miasm may be inherited or acquired at any stage of life. In syphilitic constitutions the old history of syphilis in the family or patient may be traced. In the sycotic constitution, the hereditary cause may be gonorrhoea while in psoric constitution history of skin disease in the family or patient may be traced. Syphilitic patients generally suffer or worse during night; sycotic patient feel worse during the day while psoric can be worse at any time. In order to combat diseases under the various constitutions we must treat them with remedies indicated in the corresponding to the constitutions given by Dr. Hahnemann.




b:-Diagnosis and cure of diseases:-


                     In homoeopathic system medicines are given on mental and physical symptoms. If a person is arrogant, egoistic, proud, he may be treated by medicine Nux Vomica. Similarly if he is cruel, Anacardium may be a suitable medicine. To an irritable and short tampered person, Bryonia and Nux Vomica may be given. For domineering people, Lachesis and jealous people, Hyoscyamus is suitable Medicine. All above mental symptoms or few of them may develop in a person. All these mental symptoms are characteristic of afflicted Sun especially if it is ascendant lord. The Moon affects emotions of a person. Moon characteristic qualities are changeability, indecisiveness, fickle mind, tearful disposition. The homoeopathy remedies for all these symptoms are:-Indecisive, fickle mind, Irritable – Baryta carb, Graphites, Ignatia, and Pulsatilla. Mild, Gentle, Yielding changeable- Ignatia, Pulsatilla.Tearful-Weeping- Cimicifuga, Graphitis.Ignatia, Nat mur, Pulsatilla.

Similarly all other planets and sub planets create particular mental and physical problems when they are afflicted.


                  The 6th house, its lord and its depositor and planet occupying this house gives clues of sickness or disease and its nature. The ascendant lord indicates the nature and mental temperament of the person. Based on the above two factors, a homeopath can select the remedy to cure the patient. The homoeopath must know Astrology for this type of treatment.


                     Ms EILEEN NAUMAN, an American Adjunct Professor at The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, in her book Medical Astrology published by Health Harmony (B. Jain Publisher) with Blue Turtle Publishing, USA. writes In chapter-10 ‘Homeopathy and Astrology’ that ‘homeopathy with its single purpose of attention to the whole human being and the prescribing of the remedy to trigger the person’s immune system to begin its own curative process, is a medical philosophy which is recognized and extensively used by physicians throughout the world. She further writes that the astrology of homeopathy is very complex and not easily applied. The entire philosophy of homoeopathy embraces and honours the individual and his/ her symptoms- spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Astrology does the same thing. Both methodologies are holistic.






























                       Chapter - 5


Comparison between astrology and homoeopathy in curing diseases:-


    HOMOEOPATHY AND ASTROLOGY mainly works on the principle of mental symptoms developed in the body due to disequilibrium of three humours i.e. vat, pit and kaph( astrological factors) or psora,syphilis and sycosis( homeopathy’s three miasm responsible for disease).A patient is treated on the basis of symptoms that had developed in the body due to above reasons. A summarised chart of some mental symptoms that may developed in a patient due to affliction of a planet and a few homeopathic medicines is to be prescribed on same symptoms is given here:-




Afflicted planet

Mental Symptoms

Homoeo Remedies


Arrogant, Egoistic & proud

Nux Vomica, Platina, Sulphur



Anacardium, Heper Sulf


Irritable & short tempered

Bryonia, Chamomilla, Nux v



Anacadium Lachesis, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica



Lachesis, Hyoscyamus



Ignatia, Lachesis, Pulsatilla


Weeping & crying

Apis, Graphites, Pulsatilla



Baryta Carb, Silica, Sepia, Pulsatilla, Sulphur



Aurum met, Chamomilla, Nux v, Sulphur






Anacardium, Lachesis, Nux v, Natrum mur



Platina, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria



Colocynth, Nux v, Staphysagria



Nux v, Tarentula, Stannum


Deceitful & cheating

Lachesis, Tarentula, Thuja



Pulsatilla, Thuja



Aconite, Arsenic alb, Rhustox


Telling Lies, Untruthful

Opium, Thuja, Syphlinum, Verat album



Lachesis, Natrum mur, Sepia, Sulphur


Religious mania

Verat album, Stramonium






Nux v, Lycopodium


Passionate & lustful

Platina, Pulsatilla, Staphysagria





Want’s Company

Bismuth, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla


Lazy & Lethargic

China, Natrum mur, Lycopodium, Nux v, Sulphur


Sad & Dejected

Aurum met, Causticum, Cimicimifuga, Natrum mur, Zincum met, Sulphur


Weak memory

Ambra Griesa, Baryta Carb, Kali Phos, Sepia Lycopodium



Conium, Hyoscyamus, Picric acid, Sulphur

Rahu & Ketu

Fond of Travelling

Calc phos, Merc sol, Tuberculinum


Untruthful, Lies

Opium, Syphlinum, Thuja



Murex, Platina, Lachesis, Hyoscyamus, Stamonium


Desires Solitude

Alumina, Anacardium, Baryta carb, Natrum mur






Biochemical system: - This system is also a branch of Homoeopathy which is based on twelve tissue salts. Human body is made of these twelve salts and a person born in a certain Zodiac period may be given certain salt for a good health. A chart is given here:-


Zodiac Sign

Birth Date

Birth Salt

Related body parts


21 March to 20 April

Kali Phos, potassium phosphate



21 April to 20 May

Nat. Sulph, Sodium sulphate



21 May to 20 June

Kali Mur, Potassium Chloride



21 June to 22 July

Calc. Fluor, Calcium Fluoride

Breast/ Stomach


23 July to 22 August

Mag. Phos, Magnesium Phosphate

Heart/ Back


23 August to 22 September

Kali Sulph, Potassium Sulphate



23 September to 22 October

Nat. Phos, Sodium Phosphate



23 October to 21 November

Calc. Sulph, Calcium Sulphate

Reproductive organs, groins, rectum


22 November to20 December

Silica, Silica Oxide



21 January to 19 February

Nat. Mur, Sodium Chloride



20 February to 20 March

Ferrum Phos, Iron Phosphate































                               CHAPTER 6




       On the basis of previous discussions we can summarise the similarities of principles on which astrology and homoeopathy works in diagnosing and curing the diseases as under:-


1-      Astrology works on the principle that body is controlled by three humours,i.e.Vat, Pitt and Kaph while homoeopathy named these

      humours as Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis.


2-      The afflicted planets creates disease and such disease is cured by giving remedies of that planet. Homoeopathy also works on the principle that things which have created disease, the homoeopathic form of that thing will cure that disease. If Sun is afflicted it means humour Pitt is afflicted.

Therefore Ruby, Gem for sun, will cure this problem, or mantras of Sun will give relief.Similarily medicine in homoeopathic form to control Pitt (psora) will be given in such cases.



3-      According to astrology affliction of three humours create mental and physical  symptoms  which  come out  in  the form of  disease  while homoeopathy also emphasize on the principle that imbalance of psora, sycosis and syphilis is main cause of diseases.     

























                                  CHAPTER- 7




Now we will discuss few cases which were treated by homoeopathic medicines on the basis of mental symptoms of afflicted planets and, symptoms of disturbances of vat,pitt & kaph i.e.psora,syphilis and sycosis.


CASE- 1 -

Chart -1 is of a female born on 17 January 1956 on 22.10 IST at place Longitude 79E50’00 Latitude 27N 50’00. Asc. Vir. 4.39.00, Sun- Cap.-4.45.20, Moon- Aqua. 25.43.45, Ma-Sco..-10.33.00, Me.-Cap.-21.33.27,JuR.-Leo.-8.14.13, Ven.-Aqua 8.18.55,Sa.-Sco.-8.37.08, Rahu- Sco.-24.43.41 Ketu-Tau.-24.43.41.Ayanamsa:- 21.48.09 Raman. Balance of Vimshottari dasa at birth time- Jupiter 9y1m. Birth Tihi- Krisna Paksha Chaturthi, Birth day- Tuesday. Lady developed tumour in uterus in Merc dasa Rahu Bhukti from 16- 8 -1993 to 5-3-1996, cataract in Merc dasa Sat Bhukti between11-6- 1998 to 18-2-2001. She has a permanent problem of high blood pressure and sore throat. She is over sensitive to cold and pessimistic in nature.For all above diseases and problems  following planetary positions and affliction are responsible:-1-Asc lord mercury is combust by 12th lord sun and is aspected by 6th lord Saturn., Saturn is also aspecting 12th house and retrogate Jupiter which is placed in 12th house. Saturn aspect on ascendant lord which is combust by12th lord sun made her pessimistic. Affect of Saturn on 2nd lord Venus which is placed in Saturn’s house and aspect on12th lord Sun created problem of cataract. Moon of dark fortnight( Krishna paksha chatuthi) is acting as a malefic also affecting Venus, a planet of eyesight. Melefic Moon and Venus are in 6th house,which is house of Saturn,and aspect of Mars on both of them created problem of high blood pressure and tumour in uterus. Placement of ascendant lord in trikon house, Moon having lordship of 11th house, benefic aspect of Venus on 12th house, benefic aspect of Jupiter on 6th house,Moon ,Venus and on 8th house are positive points in fighting with  diseases and negative points. The lady developed following mental symptoms:

Indecisive, suspicious to imaginative baseless fears, sad and dejected,irritable,  restless and of changing attitude. All these mental symptoms are related to Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn. On the basis of these mental symptoms she was treated with Nux Vomica, Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Causticum,Phraxnus,

Aurum mur and Aurum met. Her uterine tumour was dissolved by this treatment during Mercury dasa Jupiter bhukti(from 5-3-1996 to 11-06-1998).

Cataract was removed by surgery in December 2004 in Ketu dasa Mars bhukti. She is being treated for throat problem but presence of three malefic in third house have made this problem too chronic.Afffliction of Sun and Moon clearly  indicate affliction of  all  the  three  humours Vat, Pitt  and  Kaph  in

  astrological view while on other hand in homoeopathic classification it is disturbance of all the three miasm i.e. psora, psycosis and syphlic.For such constitutional diturbunces homoepathy advise some constitutional medicines like Sulphur,Thuja, Psorinum and Calcarea etc and astrology advise jap of Sun, Moon,Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.


Case2- A is male born on 25-4-1975 at 15.45.00. Birth place-Longitude 86E 25’00 Latitude25N20’00, birth day- Friday, birth tithi- Purnima, Asc-Vir-10:39:54, Sun- Ari-12:31:25, Moon-Lib-07:04:36, Mars-Aqu-18:18:11, Me©-Ari-20:03:17, Jupiter-Pis-16:55:19,Venus-Tau-21:24:02, Sat-Gem-21:17:12, Rahu-Sco-08:58:32, Ketu-Tau-08:59:32, Ayanamsa-22:04:15 Raman. Balance of vimshottari dasa at birth time is Rahu 17yrs 5 months 12 days. He is running in Jupiter dasa Mars bhukti from 6-6-2005. Stones in both kidneys is developed in this period. He is being treated with homoeopathic medicines Lycopodium; Berberis vulg,Acid benzoic,Phosphorus and Pareira brava  and positive result is obtained. Stones are reduced to smaller size. He is curing fast. If we diagnose it astrologicaly we find that his ascendant lord Mercury is in 8th house and is combust with 12th lord Sun.Apart from it Mercury is placed between two malefics Ketu( due to4th aspect of Mars on Ketu and Venus both are afflicted) and Sun Here Mercury is in papkartari yog. The other benefic Jupiter, which is placed in 7th house, is also in papkartari yog being hemmed between two melefics Sun and Mars. Mars being lord of 8th and 3rd house and is placed in 6th house have become strong malefic and is aspecting 9th, 12th, and 1st houses.The third benefic planet Venus, which is placed in his own sign Taurus, is in 9th house. Venus is also afflicted  due to aspect of Rahu and Mars. Saturn, which is lord of 6th house, is aspecting 12th, 4th, 7th house and  4th and 7th lord Jupiter. So affliction of 7th and 8th houses,ascendant’s lord and 7th lord, presence of Mars in 6th and Sun in 8th created problem in kidneys and urinary tract.Moon of purnima tithi is placed in 2nd house.Moon is lord of11thhouse and is aspecting Mercury and Sun and have benefic influence on them and 8th house. The young man due to above planetary combinations and afflictions have developed mental symptoms;- short tempered, lazy & lethargic, changeable, lack of continuity, loss of confidence, confused thoughts and little things annoy him. All these mental symptoms confirms affliction of ascendant lord Mercury, Jupiter,Venus, ascendant,7th and 8th houses.Affliction of ascendant lord Mercury, Jupiter and sign virgo and pisces indicate the imbalance of all the three humours ;vat, pitt and kaph, or all the three miasms ; psora, psycosis and syphlic. For such patient Lycopodium is main constitutional medicine.The patient is improving with help of this constitutional medicine.



CASE-3- A female child is born on 9-12-1990 at 19:00:00. Place-Longitude- 80E20’00 Latitude-26N25’00, Tithi-Krishna paksha 8th, Day- Sunday.Asc. Gem-19:41:30, Sun- Sco-24:55:20, Moon-Vir-00:34:08, MaR- Tau-09:0:42, Me-Sag-15:32:54,JuR-Can- 21:09:47,VeC-Sag-04:16:03, Sa-Cap- 00:53:26, Rahu-Cap-06:40:24, Ketu-Can- 06:40:24, Ayanamsa-22:17:21 Raman, Balance of vimshottari dasa at birth time-Sun-4yrs 2months 28days. Child is suffering from leucoderma. She is under treatment with remedies Ars. Sul. flavum, Drosera, and Argent.nit, Medorrhinum and Hydrcotyle.In her horoscope 6th lord Mars is retrograde and is placed in 12th house. It is aspecting 3rd house, 6th and 7th house. Sun, the 3rd lord, is placed in 6th house.

Mercury and Venus are placed in 7th house. Saturn and Rahu are in 8th house while Ketu and retrogate Jupiter are placed in 2nd house.Thus planets of skin Sun and Mercury are aspected by malefic 6th lord retrogate Mars.Affliction of ascendant Lord mercury and Sun clearly indicate the disturbance of vat, pitt and kaph.Presence of Sat and Rahu in 8th house indicate that reasons of this disease can not easily be diagnosed.


Case- 4 – A lady is born on 7-04-1924 at 17.30 pm on a place of Longitude: 84E00’00, Latitude: 25N40’00. Her horoscope details are: Asc.Vir17.20.25,

Sun: Pis26.02.43, Moon: Tau 01.35.55, Mars: Sag 28.22.25, Mercury: Ari 11.54.11, JupiterR: Sco28.32.53, Venus: Tau11.00.52, SaturnR: Lib08.33.57, Rahu: Leo09.45.37 Ketu: Aqu09.45.37, birthday: Monday, birthtithi: shukla tritiya, Ayanamsha: -21:21:02Raman, balance of  vimshottari dasa  at birth time-Sun – 3y 9m13d. The lady died in1st week of April 1997 at the age of 73yrs due to liver cancer. She was diagnosed liver cancer in June1994.

Allopathy Doctors declared that lady will not survive for more than six months. Then she was given homoeopathic treatment and she survive

more than three and half years with normal health condition. She was

given Carduus marianus, Chelidonium, Kalmegh, Fel tauri, Galium, Hydrastis,and Carcinosin on mental symptoms and physical condition.She developed mental symptoms; depressed, despondancy, feels heavy and vertigo.Her digestion was too weak, stones were developed in kidneys, and in ears Eustachian catarah and mild deafness occurred. All these symptoms correlate with symptoms of above mentioned medicines.If we analyse birth chart we find that ascendant lord Mrecury is in 8th house, lord of that house is Mars which is inimical to Mercury.The lord of 6th house, which is house of disease, Saturn is reterogate and exalted and is placed in 2nd house giving malefic aspect to Mercury.Saturn is lord of 5thhouse also which is house of digestive system.Presence of malefic Ketu in 6th house clearly indicating problem of digestion from early years because depositor of it, the Saturn is in 2nd house.The lord of house of disease, Saturn is turned into more malefic due to reterogation During Saturn dasa Rahu bhukti she suffered with liver cancer and other previous problems exaggerated. She died in Jupiter bhukti. In trimshamsha Rahu, Saturn and ketu are in Saturn’s trimshamsha while Sun and Jupiter are in Mars’s trimshamsha. Affliction of Mercury which is ascendant lord also clearly shows imbalance of all the three humours because Mercury represents all the three’s.









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It is said most often that HEALTH IS WEALTH. Good health is one of the most essential things for a happy life.Astrology deals this important aspect of human life in details through various principles. These principles are mainly based on affliction of planets, houses, signs and constellations. When these are afflicted, certain mental and physical symptoms developed in a person  



      Homoeopathy works on the principle of mental and physical symptoms

developed in the body due to diseases. Astrology and Homoeopathy both works on same principle. Astrology says that imbalance of three humours,

i.e. Vat, Pitt and Kaph are main cause of diseases while homoeopathy named these humours as Psoric, Sycotic and Syphilitic.



   With inspiration and encouragement from our honourable HOD& Prof. Dr.Brijesh kumar shukla and Sri CB Shukla other respectable lecturers and teachers.I have made an earnest endeavour in this new little known auspicious work. I have recorded this topic in a simple and lucid language.


   I am grateful to all publishers, authors of various books and articles

published in various astrological magazines which I have gone through.


   In the last I am thankful to my colleague Mr.Ritesh srivastav, Asutosh    bajpai, Ambarish pandey, Bhrigumuni shukla and many others for their cooperation.




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