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  Nostradamus was born on 14 December 1503 at St Remy in Provence in the south of France. Before

his birth family was Jews, later on baptized in Christian faith 1498. In 1555 the first written prophecies

“Centuries” was published. He died in 1566.

 In folLowing two quatrain he had described the way / secrecy of his prediction;


CENTURY-ONE ,QUATRAIN-1 Sitting alone at night in secret study, it rest solitary on my brass tripod, A tiny flame comes out of the emptiness, making successful, which would have been in vain.

CENTURY-ONE, QUATRAIN-2  Divine rod in hand at the middle of the tripod, sprinkles with water both hem of the garment and feet. A voice runs trembling through, Fear. Divine splendour; the God sits nearby.